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History to Present

Film:  At age 15, George Sanders won his first film-directing award for THE MAD BALLER from Kodak’s Nationwide Teen-Age Movie Awards Competition.

Live Entertainment: In addition to receiving a NY Bistro Award, a Cabaret Hotline Award, a New York Nitelife Award, and 7 MAC Award Nominations for Excellence in Entertainment, George was given The Board of Directors Award for Outstanding Achievement by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs in May of 2011.

Sneaky Snake Films (created by George Sanders and Shawn Curran) was formulated as an alternative artistic outlet in addition to Sanders’ and Curran’s live performances as professional comedians, entertainers, singers, and actors.

To date, Sneaky Snake Films has amassed over 20 awards for short films and screenwriting.

Mission Statement

“I love show-biz so much I want to marry it.  (But not in a Church.)  My message to show-biz?  I have an impressive dowry, and virgins are over-rated.” ---George Sanders

"If you're willing to settle for adequate, please don't ask for my help."  ---Shawn Curran